What is Rarx Collective Future ?

Rarx is there any control which the common public has over their collective future.

Corporates and big government will have you believe that they hold your best interest in their minds while making policies in their mind; however policies have repeatedly proven that the rich and powerful corner most of the benefits for themselves while not paying any taxes.

The rich are increasingly getting wealthier with the working class getting further cornered which led to a new revolution in financial world cryptocurrency. Free from manipulation and control of government and oligarchs it presented a future world where we the working class can gain financial independence and freedom.

The initial crypto currency Bitcoin focussed purely as being a currency with no other real world case use while etherium followed with developing smart contracts and other uses which was the second evolution for the world of crypto currency.

Now, Rare Earth Opportunity Fund with its token RARX is bringing the third evolution in the world of cryptocurrency.

Evolution 1.0 - Bitcoin | Evolution 2.0 - Etherium | Evolution 3.0 - RARX

We will be using cryptocurrency, Multi Party Smart Contract and De-Fi to bring about a revolution in one of the most profitable and strategic business in the world. An industry with an annual revenue of $ 25 Billion and which enjoys a PE levels of 250-400 for all its listed peers is our target for changing the status Quo and generating unprecedented wealth for our retail investors.

In Rare Earth Industry all buyers are desperately trying to find new suppliers as currently all supplies are controlled by single source despite multiple countries having loads of reserves there hasn’t been any progress in development of additional suppliers.

With us getting a 5% market share of the $ 25 Billion industry we will reach a valuation of $100 Billion and our investors will have their wealth multiplied by 200 thousand within three years thus providing financial freedom to our holders.