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Understanding Rare Earth Elements, their Uses and Impact (A learning series)

Rare Earth Opportunity Fund is using a De-Fi and blockchain based technology to bring about a paradigm change in Rare Earth Elements exploration and refining.

A lot of readers may ask the question “what are rare earth elements” or “where are they used” or “how does it impact me” or “how does it impact the global power structure”.

This is second article in our education series

We will be writing one article for industry/segment usage of Rare Earth Elements and have decided to start with one with highest strategic importance - Defense and Next Generation Military Applications.

As the world becomes a more volatile and dangerous place, the use of rare earth elements for defence purposes is growing. They are key ingredients for the very hard alloys used in armoured vehicles and projectiles that shatter upon impact into thousands of sharp fragments. REE substitutes can be used in some defence applications; however, it has been established that these substitutes are not quite so effective and there are fears that this will compromise military capabilities.

Every advanced weapon in the U.S. arsenal—from Tomahawk missiles to the F-35 fighter jet to Aegis-equipped destroyers and cruisers and everything in between—is absolutely reliant on components made using rare-earth elements, including critical items such as permanent magnets and specialized alloys.

If rare-earth elements have become the key ingredient in all sorts of advanced civilian technology such as cell phones, electric cars, and renewable energy equipment, they’re doubly important for defense. Each Virginia-class attack submarine needs 9,200 pounds of rare-earth materials, while each F-35 needs 920 pounds, according to a 2013 Congressional Research Service report. The defense industry, unlike most other sectors, doesn’t need low-end rare-earth materials that—contrary to their name—are actually commonly found in many places around the world. Rather, what the defense industry most needs are highly processed rare-earth products, especially permanent magnets.

  • 1. fin actuators in missile guidance and control systems, controlling the direction of the missile;
  • 2. disk drive motors installed in aircraft, tanks, missile systems, and command and control centers;
  • 3. lasers for enemy mine detection, interrogators, underwater mines, and countermeasures;
  • 4. satellite communications, radar, and sonar on submarines and surface ships; and
  • 5. optical equipment and speakers
Elements Wise Uses in Military as given below:

Defense Uses – Element Wise

Lanthanum - night-vision goggles

Neodymium - laser range-finders, guidance systems, communications

Europium - fluorescents and phosphors in lamps and monitors

Erbium - amplifiers in fiber-optic data transmission

Samarium - permanent magnets that are stable at high temperatures

Samarium - precision-guided weapons

Samarium - "white noise" production in stealth technology

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